School Of Leaders

Why “School of Leaders”?

The Cursillo School of Leaders (SoL) is for Cursillistas who wish to grow in service to the Cursillo community.  If the Cursillo Movement is an umbrella, the people in the School of Leaders are the spokes that support it and keep it strong. Through fellowship, we encourage each other in spiritual growth and a growing appreciation of the Cursillo purpose, mentality and method. The Cursillo School of Leaders is a Servant School and is open to all Cursillistas who are interested in serving and strengthening the movement! Bring a friend!  Better yet, join your own Group Reunion to our meeting once a month!

Check the Arlington Cursillo Calendar for times and locations of SOL  We have meetings in the Fredericksburg area, the Shenandoah area, and the Northern Virginia area.

You can also find meeting agendas on the Arlington Cursillo Facebook Page HERE .

At each School of Leaders meeting we spend an hour in formation.  Currently we’re studying the book The Fundamental Ideas of the Cursillo Movement.  At a recent meeting Cursillista George Darnell prepared a presentation on chapter six, section six titled “The Proclamation of the Message: The Theological Center of the 3-day Cursillo weekend.”  We discussed the phases of the Cursillo, the steps of preparation, and the stages of the proclamation.  George shares his summary of  the facets of a retreat weekend here:

At each School of Leaders meeting we also spend an hour deepening our connection with God’s spirit.  The current program is called The Fruit of God’s Spirit in Our Fourth Day.

“Come Holy Spirit … and Renew the Face of the Earth” (Psalm 104:30)

I.  Theme:  Engage in a series of dialogues to witness to the Fruit of God’s Spirit being created and lived in our Fourth Day community

How is God’s Spirit manifest in our Fourth Day community through Piety, Study and Action?  Fruit is the sign of God’s life rooted within me.  The fruit of God’s spirit is the means and the goal of sharing in the life of God, the sign of awareness of God’s Presence, that is, Immanuel — “God With Us.”

Fruit is Being, Seeing, Holding, and Responding

Being:  The Fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control (Gal 5:22).  These ways of being or dispositions of the heart are signs of one’s awareness of grace just as gratitude and compassionate action are signs of grace.  The fruit of love originates with the love of God who describes love of neighbor and enemy as the pinnacle of His all-encompassing covenantal love:  “I am Yours and You are Mine.”  God’s covenant says We ALL Belong.

Seeing and Holding:  Compassion and care for the needs of the poor, sick, stranger, prisoner (Matt 25:31-46), the orphan and widow, the blind and captive, the Lost Sheep, the dying, i.e., seeing Jesus in the Least and being Jesus to the Least; responding to Christ from Christ.  We are all one body, as lost sheep and prodigal son.  The fruit of compassionate Seeing and Holding arises from a moment-by-moment contemplative awareness in everyday life, of remembering Who I Am in God (Whose I Am).  Holding hope and Waiting on the Lord are graces we celebrate throughout Advent.

Responding:  Sharing in Jesus’ Mission:  Bringing Good News to the poor, recovery of sight to the blind, liberation to the captive, freedom to the prisoner (Lk 4:17-19), overcoming evil with good (Rom 12:21), that is, willing sacrifice; forgiving those who have trespassed against me; increased VISION to be/see/hold/act from Christ’s heart (spirit) rather than the human ego (flesh):  to turn the other cheek (Matt 5:39), to not judge nor condemn (Rom 2:1, Lk 6:37), to bear each others’ burdens (Gal 6:2), to forgive unceasingly (Matt 18:22), to be kind to the ungrateful and wicked with God’s mercy (Lk 6: 35-36), to not resist an evil person (Matt 5:39), to desire to live out The Eight Beatitudes and Sermon on the Mount (Matt 5-7).  We notice how all of these descriptions provided by Jesus point to our Vulnerable God and the importance of Walking that Walk.

II.  Share witness talks from SoL facilitators, delving deeper into why Jesus says the Kingdom is given to those who produce its fruit (Matt 21:43).   Cursillo is “come and experience”.   Experience what? The living body of Christ recognized by its fruit.  The living body of Christ planting the seed (Christ) of that fruit in our environments.  The living body of Christ whose focus is fruit and its root (Christ).

Monthly Agenda (9:30am-12:00)

9:30 Introduction, prayer, and Group Reunion

10:30 discussion of  The Fundamental Ideas of the Cursillo Movement.  This book is available for $7.00 at the meeting.

11:15 Guest facilitator — “The Fruit of God’s Spirit in our Fourth Day” (talk followed by group discussion)

Topics Location Date (monthly, 1st Saturday )
The Fruit of Forgiveness St Joseph, Alexandria 10 September 2011
The Fruit of the Eucharist St Raymond, Springfield  5 November 2011
The Fruit of Joy St Anthony, Falls Church 14 January 2012
Visiting the Prisoner Nativity, Burke 11 February 2012
Compassion for the Poor St John Neumann, Reston 10 March 2012
Gentleness — in dialogue St Joseph, Alexandria 12 May 2012
The Fruit of Peace Our Lady Queen of Peace, Arlington 9 June 2012
Waiting on the Lord St John the Beloved, McLean 15 December 2012
Desiring God’s Love Sacred Heart, Manassas 16 February 2013
Discipleship St Francis, Triangle, Good Shepherd, Alexandria 1 Feb 2014 and 22 March 2014
Miracles St Charles school cafeteria, Arlington 7 June 2014
Care for the Dying St Joseph, Old Town Alexandria 12 July 2014
Prayer and Temperament St Raymond of Penafort, Springfield 30 August 2014
The Seeds of Cursillo in the Early Church Our Lady of Lourdes, Crystal City 11 Oct 2014
Jesus asks, ‘what are you looking for?’ Our Lady of Good Counsel, Vienna 8 Nov 2014
Mary and The Fruit of Listening St Francis of Assisi, Triangle 13 Dec 2014
Seeing Jesus in the Least
Turning the Other Cheek
Mother Teresa’s Simple Path
What Fruit does your soul long to produce  in community?


Arlington Diocese Cursillo School of Leaders
Cathy Lemly
Shenandoah Valley Area Coordinator
Jeanie Martin
Joanne Summers
Greater Fredericksburg Area Coordinator

Northern Virginia Area Coordinators

Nativity, Burke
Frank Mcleskey
Our Lady of Good Counsel, Vienna
Janet Berney
Our Lady Queen of Peace, Arlington
Joan Brown
Sacred Heart, Manassas
George Darnell
St. Anthony, Falls Church
Lu and Sue Vega
St.Charles, Arlington
Kat Sigler
St. John the Beloved, McLean
Freddie Wall,
St. John Neumann, Reston
Sue and Bob Trainor
St. Mary of Sorrows, Fairfax
Bill Forster,
St. Raymond of Penafort, Springfield
Chuck and Kathy Tiso
Good Shepherd, Mount Vernon, Alexandria
Bob Richard Peter Kilcullen

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