Notes recorded from our first sparkplug meeting as we shared our experiences of Cursillo…

“Fire. Wow. Once you fall in love you stay in love.”

“Cursillo was a complete surprise to me – even though I had gone through years of catholic education.”

“I was brought up in Catholic schools all the way through. But it was all head, no heart. I did not realize about having a relationship with Christ. Cursillo was a powerful force in the parish, but that generation is fading and we have to get it going again. I don’t want to see it die.”

(Pastor) joked, “That’s just some Spanish thing? So I went and had a a mountaintop experience! It was unexpected!”

“I went to Catholic school but I had no one to model what faith was. Then I went to Cursillo. Now I have a family where I didn’t have family before.”

“I was born Catholic, went to Catholic school. Scared of hell. When I made my Cursillo I finally saw what faith is. We had the spark in our parish. It was carried by the pastor. We need it back.”

“I am a convert. I know all the fact of the faith but is God the most important thing in my life? I could see the impact Cursillo was having on my friends. I got so much more out of the weekend than I expected. I was an intruder. Now I am an evangelist.”

“I had fallen in love with Christ already but then Cursillo gave me the community.”

“I have an ecumenical background. Hearing the message of Cursillo coming from from Catholics encouraged me. Cursillo allows me to share my faith in a meaningful way with others.”

“Cursillo made me look at people and individuals differently.”

“I wasn’t expecting a lot. It was a mountain top experience for me. I felt Gods love. I wanted to share this wonderful gift I had been given. Before Cursillo I didn’t have a relationship with Jesus. I had an obligation. I want to share this. I want others to experience what I experienced. I have a relationship.”

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