For many of us, a closer walk with Christ ignites the desire to do more for his people. Cursillistas already are leaders–in their families, their parishes, their ministries, the workplace, the neighborhood. For most of us, Cursillo will not be our primary ministry. But the nourishment we receive from the Weekend, group reunion, Cursillo School, Ultreya, and other events and interactions help us to reflect Christ’s face wherever we go and whatever we do.

If you’re burning with the desire to serve in a different way in your Fourth Day (your life after the Weekend), consider contacting a member of the Secretariat for committee volunteer opportunities, or check out your parish bulletin or the Arlington Diocese Web site.

Another special way to thrive during the Fourth Day is to work with a spiritual director. A spiritual director will meet with you one on one, generally once a month or so, and help you to discern how the Holy Spirit is working in your life.

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