Find a Group Reunion!

Ready to group–or ready to try a different group? The Fourth Day Committee may be able to help. Please contact Trudy Harlow at

Other great tips for finding a group:

* Check in with your sponsor. Even if it’s been a while since your Weekend and you’ve been grouping but would like to try something different, your sponsor may be able to provide some guidance.

* Check in with the team members from your Weekend, especially the members who were at your table. Team members typically are active in Cursillo, and may know of groups in your area that are open to new members… or know how to get in contact with Cursillo leaders in your parish or a nearby parish.

* Go to a diocesan Ultreya or your parish Ultreya or one nearby. You may find people in your own backyard whose groups are open to new members or who want to begin grouping.

* Reach out to people at other Cursillo events… when candidates are being dropped off or picked up for a Weekend, for example.

* Check in with the other “babe chicks” from your Weekend. Was there a man or woman with whom you particularly “clicked”? Even if you live at opposite ends of the diocese, get together for coffee or talk via e-mail or phone. He or she may know of people who are looking to group near you.

* E-mail the Fourth Day Committee. They can put you in touch with Cursillo leaders from your parish or one nearby if you’re too shy to step out in faith at an Ultreya or with strangers.

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