How do we continue to grow in the community after we leave the rosy glow of the Weekend for the real world? Through weekly group reunion, which is where we stay in touch with the lived reality of our Fourth Day (the rest of our lives). In these small groups, we share our ongoing efforts at piety, study, and action. We break open our lives so we can grow from our shared experiences, our successes and failures. This accountability helps us all stay on track. Our goals for a week may be large or modest-sounding. Group reunion may be the most real conversation we have all week.

Your own group reunion will be unlike any other in your parish or our diocese. That’s OK. Find the group that meets your needs and fills your soul. Unlike the retreat, men and women may participate in the same group reunion. Some groups are two or three people; others, a dozen or more. Sponsors often help new Cursillistas find a group. Or perhaps you’ll want to group with some of the people you met on your Weekend. If you need additional help in finding the right group, reach out to a team member from your Weekend or contact the Ultreya coordinator at your parish or one nearby.

Ultreya (pronounced ull TRAY a) are held periodically at various parishes or for the entire diocese. They usually feature a guest speaker, live music, small-group sharing, and food. It’s another good way to keep moving forward with the support of community.

How much time you choose to invest in Cursillo is up to you, but we encourage you to give group reunion and Ultreya a try after your Weekend.

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